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This page is no longer maintained.

The CS-SDK is formally launched.

CS-SDK out in "beta". See the announcement

License development is just no fun at all. Updates were posted to the cosm-news mailing list. In the future that will be the primary method of news posting. Hint: subscribe to the mailing lists :)

CS-SDK is basicly done and waiting on the new licenses. Several bugs were found in the libraries, but all in functions that didn't have self-tests yet. I think this says alot about our development process. The libraries are still being worked on and more tests written and more OS's ported to. Cosm is mentioned in the April 2000 issue of Scientific American.

Prompted by the many people that have contacted me looking for a fast way to develop client-server apps for their research projects, work is now underway on a Client-Server Software Development Kit (CS-SDK). The kit will let people develop projects similar to what, GIMPS, or SETI run. It will also let us start polishing and porting the Cosm libraries to more platforms. It should be noted that this kit uses some of the Cosm libraries but will not have any of the advanced features of Cosm itself. It will therefore NOT be maintained in the future, as the kit will be unnecessary once Cosm is out.

You would think there was a major religious holiday involving the winter solstice or a year ended or something because everyone disappeared for 3 weeks straight. People are starting to return to hacking at code and things, having lived through Y2K. The Cosm time epoc moved into positive time. Added the press page.

Time for the monthly update. The CVS is active as always, more gets done every day. Cosm has been getting some good press coverage lately (in several languages), and press and history pages should be appearing soon. The license will be moving to a dual-license model, as one just doesn't seem to work, or so the legal types tell me.

I have been honored as one of Technology Review's TR100 for my work with Cosm and distributed computing. Spending a day in Boston talking to other innovative people was quite the experience, and n^2 business cards got exchanged.

The OS/CPU layer API is now in a final state (minus UDP support). Coding and auditing is also nearly complete. Since this is by far the longest and most difficult layer, this is a major milestone. This layer should soon be under the Cosm Library License once it and the license are finished.

Many things have happened since the last update to this page, mostly in the CVS. The web site is now CVS'd, and more translations should follow shortly. The OS/CPU layer is nearing done, and several odd platforms have been ported already (we're still missing win32 oddly enough). Config, security, log, and email files are also in place - parts of the utility layer. The code todo.txt is now linked to the web, and both ftp and http versions of the source tree are updated every hour. We need people to assist with the Win32 and Mac ports, so if you are familiar with those systems, and have a couple nights to play, drop by the IRC channel.

I need to start updating this page more often. Several new headers are now trickling into the CVS tree as the OS/CPU layer is nearing completion. These newer files dont have any OS/CPU issues, and are far easier to code. WIN32 and MacOS coders are needed for the porting of the OS/CPU layer.

Misc. updates to the Programmers Guide.
The OS/CPU layer is almost ready for release, final code audit in progress along with final documentation.

The beginnings of the Cosm Library API Documentation gets linked on the web. This is just a link directly into the CVS tree.

Time for another update. The API docs have been added to the CVS tree, the OS/CPU layer only has a few more functions to complete, but a good number or test functions that need some attention. I have begun focusing mainly on documenting the next layer and finishing off headers, as the end of this layer is near.

cosm-news and cosm-dev lists go active.

CVS is in full swing and a good team of coders is coming together. I'm definately very pleased with the progress considering that most coders are not used to coding in a CVS setting, it takes some getting used to. The last of the CPU/OS isolation layer headers are done and commented.

Testing and Verification (chapter 5) made public.
P1 License Goals made public.
P1 License (Appendix A) made public.
Cosm CVS goes live.

cosm-news and cosm-dev lists setup and enter testing.

cvs setup finished (still empty)

Overview of Distributed Computing (chapter 2) made public.
Misc. updates to ch 13, preface, TOC,

IRC channel #cosm on EFNet launched. Minor update to Ch 13. To Do List Updated. And I'm almost cought up with my email from the last 2 days.

Adam L. Beberg leaves DCTI to return to work on Cosm.

Network Architecture and Topology (Chapter 4) update to v0.1.

Preface made public.
To Do List made public, listing the things that need to be done before coding can go public.
Network Architecture and Topology (chapter 4) diagram made public.

Programmers Guide (Chapter 13) made public.

Phase 1 Design Manifesto finished. Programmers Guide put online.

News and FAQ pages go public.

Cosm is announced and web site goes public.

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