Phase 1 Design Manifesto

*click click*

You got a new system today didn't you, lots of megahertz and gigabytes with all the toys, top of the line everything. Now what are you gonna do with it? Type email? Play some games for a couple hours a day?

In the time you read that your computer did a few billion nothings.

What a waste.

*click click click*

Meanwhile, all over the world, people are desperate for somethings. A graduate student trying to figure out protein folding, and an artist is trying to render a short film. Alone it will take them months, maybe years to complete their projects.

The net could do it in a few minutes.

You wouldn't even know it's running. You can't tell a nothing from a something, only the computer knows and it doesn't care.


You like to say you're on the net to impress your friends, but you aren't a part of it, you just use it. Still doing nothings instead of somethings.

Get with it, two plus two isn't four anymore it's five.

By doing more somethings everyone wins, the student gets their project done, and you get to see the new film and brag about how you helped. And then when you have a big project to get done, you get to be the one that has their something done faster.

*click click*

So many somethings need to be done, enough to keep every computer busy forever. Somewhere there is someone waiting for work to get done, and you can help.

So what are you waiting for?


- Adam L. Beberg

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