Cosm Client-Server Software Development Kit

The Cosm Client Server Software Development Kit allows developers to quickly and easily write large scale client-server applications including "distributed computing" and "GRID" types. Examples of what this will allow you to build with this technology are, SETI@Home, Napster, Gnutella, and hundreds of other applications. The example code is an instance of an application that hands out work for the clients to do, then collects the results.

One primary use for the CS-SDK is for a company or research lab who has large amounts of computation to do. This allows you to network the systems you have behind your firewall to get real work done quickly and securely.

The kit should allow a first-year programmer to take an application and make it into a client-server application in a weekend. Naturally, if your application doesn't already exist, then you have a few months of project design and development ahead of you. Also, if your application was not written to be portable then you will have additional work to do integrating the Cosm CPU/OS layer with your application to make it portable.

The CS-SDK is part of the standard software distribution, and is in the /cosm/apps/cs-sdk directory ( /cosm/v3/apps/cs-sdk in the old Phase 1 version ). See the download page for instructions. Commercial users will need to contact us for licensing and pricing info.

Read the CS-SDK documentation, and the July 8th, 2000 "medium-rare" announcement.

You'll probably also need the Cosm Library API Documentation, and the Programmers Guide. And dont forget to read the license.

People using the CS-SDK

For a list of people using the CS-SDK you can check our User Projects page.

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