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Mithral's Cosm Client-Server Software Development Kit

The Cosm Client-Server Software Development Kit allows developers to rapidly build distributed applications. Being build on the Cosm CPU/OS layer also allows these applications to run on all of the supported platforms.
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Cosm CPU/OS Layer

The Cosm CPU/OS layer allows cross-platform development of applications of any kind. The developer can devote all of their time to their project, and leave all the porting issues to the CPU/OS layer. CPU/OS is 100% pure ANSI C and is fully compatible with C, C++, and FORTRAN applications.
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Development Services

Not everyone has a group of expert developers on staff. In our experience most companies want to focus on the science and leave the infrastructure development to someone else. Mithral has been developing these types of applications for 10 years, and we can help you use our technology to accomplish your goals.

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