Cosm Questions and Answers

This is a list of commonly asked questions about Cosm. If a question is asked more then a couple times, it ends up here. Random issues that will not be addressed elsewhere end up here as well.

Is "Cosm" an acronym?
No. Capital 'C', lowercase 'osm'.

How is it pronounced?
'kä-səm - something like 'kasum.

Does "Cosm" mean something?
Yes. Many things. It is however, the only name it could have (in English anyway). All will be revealed in time.

Phase 1?
Cosm is a project with 3 phases, that should span 10-15 years. Since the design is far too complex to implement all at once, phases have been setup to serve as endpoints in the implementation process. At the end of each phase a complete, usable, and stable system is in place. The next phase will build on the code and protocols developed in the phase before, but the goal of each phase is different.

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