About Mithral

Commercially founded in 1995, Mithral has since grown beyond its humble beginnings. The company focuses on developing distributed computing applicaitons, infrastructure, and open protocols.

Mithral's main project Cosm®, which began as early as 1991, is the core of this work. More than a single product Cosm is the family of Mithral produced developer tools. Spanning multiple platforms Cosm integrates the power that developers need with the simplicity that developers want. Although Cosm has full support for any and all distributed computing applications it is much more than that. Distributed computing is simply a subset of Cosm's abilities.

The long-term goal for Mithral is an open global platform for distributed computing, data and computation moving fluidly between devices of all kinds. That goal is still a ways off. In the interim Mithral will be generating custom, truely cross-platform solutions for clients.

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