Downloading Cosm


The latest Cosm code is available on GitHub:

The Phase 2 beta code is the latest. It has been run on hundreds of thousands of machines since 2008, but the new API is not finalized. The script in cosm/utils can handle most API changes since p1. It does not contain the high level Cosm FS/Compute/ID/Network source at this time.

Coding Guidelines

Some general guidelines will make the coding process run much smoother. Note that users of Cosm code do not need to follow these rules - other then the first 4.

Remember that this will not work unless all the coders work together within the things set down in the Programmers Guide.

Legacy Code

cosm-p1.tgz - The Phase 1 version of Cosm is available for legacy purposes. The old P1 API is also online for reference.

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