Management Team

Adam L. Beberg
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

The main force behind both Mithral and the Cosm project, Beberg founded Mithral in 1995. Although Beberg has been working on the Cosm project since before founding Mithral, in 1997 he took a break from work on Cosm to co-found and served as President of The nonprofit enlisted the help of computer users around the globe in order to crack supposed "high-security" encryption keys in order to get the laws limiting encryption exports changed. Beberg's work on was mirrored by many others - including the SETI@Home project and dozens of commercial ventures.

In 1999 Beberg's was named naming as one of the MIT TR100, one of the world's top 100 technology innovators under 35. In 1999 Beberg also met Vijay Pande, and the Cosm CS-SDK along with Beberg's experiences heading lead to Folding@home which peaked at over 500,000 active machines making it the largest computing resource on the planet.

In 2004 Beberg took another detour to work towards a PhD at Stanford University. Work on Cosm slowed, but did not stop. Working more directly on Folding@home, GPU programming, Storage@home, and deterministic checkpointing - all lead to further innovations in Cosm. He went on leave from Stanford in 2011 with a Masters degree.

Beberg's work has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Wired, Scientific American and Fortune. Beberg has worked at StorageTek, NetApp, Identix, Google, and has consulted with hundreds of companies about distributed computing, and spoken on the topic all over the world.

Development Team

The development of Cosm has involved many people over the years. A complete list of contributors can be found in the CREDITS.TXT file in the Cosm source.

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