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I'm at Stanford working on my PhD now.
For now visit my research page.

I'm currently living near Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the people are nice and the food is good. In my many travels I have learned a thing or two.

Beware the Jabberwock

I have been selected as one of Technology Review's TR100 for my work with Cosm and Distributed Computing. I also have some press clippings.

The Manifesto of Education

I've had a rather varied collection of interests. I've done just about everything I've ever wanted to do. I'm a big Shakespeare fan. I played the saxophone and trumpet for years, tho I'm a bit out of practice on both. Back in my college days I was involved in just about everything, I fenced, was in the student government, revived an ACM chapter, worked as a sound engineer for bands, and had a radio show. I was a memeber of The Game Masters Guild, Tau Epsilon Phi (Rho Delta Rho Chapter), Greek Council, the Drama Club, and Residence Hall Association. I also managed to be the IIT Webmaster and get out alive with a degree in Computer Engineering from IIT.

Words of Wisdom

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Funny Things



My Words

Most of my waking hours are spent working on Cosm, one of the projects of my company Mithral Communications & Design, Inc. Cosm is a set of protocols for doing cross platform development and large scale distributed computing. If you're interested in such things, let me know, there is still lots to do.

I also do some work with some great folks over at Stanford University on a research project in how proteins do the wrong thing and lead to things like mad cow and parkinsons - Folding@home

Several years back I was the Founder and President of distributed.net. It served as a wonderful proving ground, cracking RC5-56, and several DES contests.

When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm off biking, rollerblading, hanging out with friends, watching TV, or reading. When I am in front of the computer and not working on Cosm, I'm generally chatting with other netizens.

Did I mention that I'm a Geek? Version: 3.12 - GAT d s+:- a- C++++$ UBLISX*++++ P++ L++ !E W+++ N+ !o K++ w++ !O M+ V-- PS++ PE++ Y+ PGP++ t+ 5+++ X R tv++ b+ DI+++ D G++ e++ h-- r y?

Quantification: 36 years, 185cm (6'1"), 66kg (145lb), brown hair, green eyes.

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