Geneology of some projects

The following are personal observations of Adam L. Beberg. Standard disclaimer, yadda yadda. Lighten up.

OK, someone had to do it. With all the "cycle selling" efforts out there, (my list is now at 19 quasi-commercial ones) not all of them mentioned here because some people just take things the wrong way. I decided the claims of "unique/original business plans" are getting so funny that I had to write up a list of who came when and who they most directly decended from. Please don't take this too seriously, the dates aren't exact, and who knows how it happens that "project X looks exactly the same as project Y". This will be very useful for reporters and investors doing due diligence as well.

The List

In approximate date order, as best I can do. I was there for all this, in fact I note what I was doing at some times, so it should be fairly close give or take a few months.

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