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Minimal Install Files

Download, unzip (with directories), then run LinegaeII.exe
Feel free to mirror.

North American (English)
Korea (Korean)
Japan (Japanese)
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)

Outdoor Maps

AdenChronicle 2
Dwarven Homeland2003-09-24
Orc Homeland-
Aden (in game) KoreanChronicle 2
Aden (in game) EnglishChronicle 1
Aden (in game) JapanesePrelude
Aden (in game) TaiwanPrelude
Aden (in game) ChinaPrelude
Elmore (in game) KoreanChronicle 1
Elmore (in game) EnglishChronicle 1
Elmore (in game) JapanesePrelude
Elmore (in game) TaiwanPrelude
Elmore (in game) ChinaPrelude

Starter Town Mini-Maps

HumanChronicle 2
ElfChronicle 2
Dark ElfChronicle 2
DwarfChronicle 2
OrcChronicle 2

City Maps

Gludin2003-12-28 - Prelude
Gludio2003-12-26 - Prelude
Dion2003-12-22 - Prelude
Giran2003-12-22 - Prelude
Florin2003-12-22 - Prelude

Starter Dungeon Maps

Dark Elf2003-09-10
Dwarf #12003-09-10
Dwarf #22003-09-10

High(er) Level Dungeon Maps

Forgotten Temple2004-04-11
Ant Nest2004-04-11
Cruma Tower 12004-04-11
Cruma Tower 22004-04-11
Cruma Tower 32004-04-11
Giants Cave2004-07-19
Antharas's Lair2004-07-19

For Webmasters

Unless you are proficient in SQL and run a fan site, the rest of this is of no use to you. You should go view one of the Lineage 2 fan sites above for information about the game.

For fan site webmasters, access to the editable database, icons, scripts and SQL queries are available. We all work on the same master database, so everyone can offer great info to the fans. English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese are all in the database (in unicode), so language is not an issue.

Both PostgreSQL and mySQL work with the data. And we have both Perl and PHP code templates already.

By participating in L2DP you are agreeing to contribute any updates back to the L2DP in SQL format. And of course you have to say you're using L2DP :)

So what data is in the L2DP database?

  • Items: Armor, weapons, and all other items
  • Classes, skills, and the level/cost you gain them at
  • Teleport locations and costs
  • What is available for sale in each town
  • Monsters and their drops
  • Recipes and their ingredients
  • Translations of key words like "dagger" and "karma"
  • Quest details
  • Spoilers (quest walkthroughs)
  • All the maps


The short story is, I have more important things to do then Lineage 2 and L2DP. The medium story is that I am working on a PhD, my research, and several other projects that are more important then grinding away in MMORPGs.

As I promised everyone when I started L2DP, the data will not just disappear; you can download it from the L2DP website. You can use it and update it to your heart's content. Try to work together.

A big thanks to Aaron, Spam, and the whole crew at NC NA: they helped us out a ton when they could ;-) You guys rock.

Thanks to Linspatz, Microwave, Ruri, Taera, Ruri, Kisha and all the rest who helped out with L2DP (there were lots). Also to David at Prima, for getting all those books out.

It's been fun.

- Duncan

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