CVS - Getting the code

With CVS

The cvs archive is located at (CVSROOT=):

The password for user anon is anon. Make sure that you use the -z3 (compression) option for all operations. You will want to checkout the development module "v3". If you want everything then module "cosm" will get you everything, including some things you probably don't need.

UNIX commands:
cvs -z3 -d login
cvs -z3 -d checkout cosm

If you're new to CVS, Jim Blandy wrote a great Introduction to CVS. If you are in Windows or on a Mac I would strongly recommend you get WinCVS or MacCVS. For those using Win/MacCVS, you should remove the ":pserver:" from the CVSROOT setting.

Without CVS

For those not using CVS, a snapshot of the CVS tree is available: cosm-v3.tgz.

Coding the Cosm Project

Some general guidelines will make the coding process run much smoother. Note that users of Cosm code do not need to follow these rules - other then the first 4.

  • Before touching any Cosm code. make sure you are familiar with all the available design documentation and the Mithral Programmers Guide.
  • Read the License.
  • Before sitting down to work on code, make sure you have a current copy of the code - `cvs up`.
  • Fixing bugs should always take top priority.
  • Do not modify header files without talking to Adam (Duncan) first.
  • After coding, send your changed files to one of the overseers so that it can be reviewed and commited to the CVS archive. Someone that can do this should be available in the IRC channel at any time. (this is the goal anyway)
  • Make sure your changes compile fully and without warnings before you send them in.
  • If you make changes that show you haven't read the Programmers Guide or the docs, the changes will be rejected until they conform to the standards.

Remember that this will not work unless all the coders work together within the things set down in the Programmers Guide.

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